Friday, September 3, 2010


Why the hell is it that when you want something to happen and wish it would, but then when it does you realize it probably would be better if it didnt...

I mean, sometimes you have to appreciate the things you have when you have them. But which one is right? Is it plausible to dislike the one you have when you really wanted it maybe hours before it happened? I guess this question is only answered on a personal level, but i feel that is cant be right. You are being a hypocrite to yourself then, time can change any mind, but if you feel strongly about something, how can one simple event make it alright to hate it?

"Never regret anything, because at one point you wanted it."


  1. You have to expect the future a lot less and live the present a lot more, when you are a kid you always want to grow up, and now you wan't to be a kid again.

  2. Supporting a fellow student

  3. Usually I look for content. This is the first time I find myself grasping for context. Must be a girl?


  4. this got me thinking..
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