Sunday, August 29, 2010

Control; life-line to a beating heart

In the quote from Catch-22, we see the character feel that he did things that were boring, i.e. seemed to take more time, it would make his life last longer in some idiocratic way. I guess this is true, because time is merely a thought in our minds and if something lasts all day, and has you stuck in your own mind all day, i guess in turn you can trick yourself into thinking everything is going bye slower and trick yourself into thinking its a longer life. But as the other character said, he did not think this was worth it, that life is not in fact life without fun and entertainment, but i guess it leads me to my next point of perspective.

In an article written by Harriet McBryde Johnson titled "When is life worth living?", we see that all about the way you see your struggles, and learn to control them, is how you can make the best out of a situation. The article was about the conditions of paralyzed people who were either put into an institution or had personal home care, the institutionized people had the mindset of being prisoners while the home care had them, though still helped and unable to do things for themselves, in a mindset of being in control, thus making them want to continue in their lives.

So i guess perspective, along with the feeling of control and of self worth is what gives us faith that life is worth living, not a way to trick the mind into thinking it is longer or being locked up and not having your own fate in your hands.